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Lab Cabinets

Case Systems designs custom lab cabinets and custom laboratory cabinet systems that meet the unique demands of your medical lab and clinical lab environments. Whatever your laboratory application, you will find the ideal lab cabinets to enhance the working conditions in the clinical lab settings, and improve your efficiency.

Contact Case Systems by calling 1.989.496.9510, and see how easy it is to work with our lab cabinetry staff to design custom laboratory cabinets perfectly suited for your unique work site.

Designed with adaptability, configurability, and efficiency in mind, our custom lab cabinets are well-suited to a wide range of working environments. Case Systems offers custom lab cabinets, medical lab cabinets, clinical lab cabinets and custom laboratory cabinets ideal for chemical, chemistry, commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical and scientific applications.

Case Systems can supply you with:

  • Lab Cabinets designed for Scientific Applications.
  • Lab Cabinets designed for Educational Applications.
  • Lab Cabinets designed for Pharmaceutical Applications.
  • Lab Cabinets designed for Chemical and Chemistry Applications.
  • Lab Cabinets designed for Industrial Applications.

While bearing in mind the possible variations of instruments, power supplies, materials handling, and personnel required in different clinical and medical laboratory settings, Case Systems sets out to design custom lab cabinetry systems highlighting versatility. Laboratory includes such a laboratory cabinet system. The Laboratory cabinet system not only accommodates a variety of laboratory instruments, laboratory analytical processes, laboratory cabinet storage requirements and laboratory computers, but it also offers several lab cabinet design options to fit any lab application and any budget:

  • The Laboratory Cabinet System features a Conventional, Fixed Lab Cabinet Design for General Applications.
  • The Laboratory Cabinet System features a Suspended Lab Cabinet Design to More Easily Modify Workstations.
  • The Laboratory Cabinet System features a Modular Lab Cabinet Design for Individualized Workstations.
  • The Laboratory Cabinet System features a Totally Mobile Lab Cabinet Design for Rapidly Changing Work Environments.
  • The Laboratory Cabinet System features all Easily-Interfaced Components for Custom Lab Cabinet Configurations that meet any Lab Application.

Whatever your laboratory cabinet application, count on the versatility of the Laboratory cabinet system from Case Systems,

Our comprehensive approach to laboratory cabinet solutions is designed to make your lab work more productive. Such an approach to custom lab cabinets is essential if you are to achieve the agility, adaptability, and flexibility necessary to attract top laboratory talent and speed product development in the lab.

A simple comparison with other leading lab cabinet manufacturers will show why Case Systems approach to laboratory cabinetry and custom lab cabinet systems is unique and ingenious. Most medical and clinical lab environments end up with traditional, fixed laboratory cabinets. Base lab cabinets are often installed and permanently affixed to the lab floor. These types of lab cabinets are then attached to each other by means of permanent screws or connectors. Laboratory work surfaces are usually provided as large units to eliminate joints, and plumbing and electrical services are fed through building walls and umbilical lines to the laboratory cabinetry. Most lab cabinet assemblies end up being custom fabricated to fill wall-to-wall spaces via special sizes and filler panels.

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The usual result of these procedures is one large, semi-permanent laboratory cabinet unit, and while modifications to such a lab cabinet configuration are possible, they can prove to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

So if you anticipate changing your lab cabinet configuration down the road, you might want to consider our modular lab cabinet and mobile lab cabinet solutions. Such custom laboratory cabinet solutions are designed for dynamic real-world lab environments -- where procedures,instrumentation, and even personnel, are likely to change. Case Systems offers several cost-efficient lab cabinet solutions to meet such changing requirements. The E-Lift mobile workstation offers thoroughly modern lab cabinet capabilities. With the touch of a finger, these mobile laboratory cabinets adjust to the height demands of a diverse workforce that uses a growing array of analytical equipment. Add mobile lab cabinets to gain additional work surfaces, relocate lab files, or even add additional laboratory instruments. The E-Lift laboratory units are so easy to use that lab technicians can reconfigure their own laboratory workspaces themselves - avoiding costly downtime and the use of maintenance personnel to move more traditional lab cabinets. And since E-Lift laboratory cabinet systems are totally mobile, servicing or changing lab equipment is a breeze. Just roll out these mobile lab cabinets, service your lab equipment, and then roll the mobile lab cabinets back into place.

Another unique lab cabinet storage solution from Case Systems is our rail-mounted lab cabinet component system. The cabinet rail system provides three different laboratory cabinet heights for a single room in which every lab cabinet and lab component measures 12 to 24 inches deep and 12 to 36 inches wide. The laboratory cabinet rail system allows swift and easy reconfiguration, and with wheeled, rail-hung lab cabinets, open floor areas are much easier to keep clean.

For additional mobility and added flexibility, you can use our M-style mobile lab cabinets in conjunction with our state-of-the-art C-frames. The M-style mobile lab cabinets fit perfectly over the C-frame legs as well as between the C-frame table legs. Hanging laboratory cabinets may also be incorporated with our C-frames, creating even more opportunities for customization.

Utilizing engineered particleboard substrates, plastic laminate surfaces, and institutional hardware, our laboratory cabinetry is designed to provide many years of outstanding performance. Our laboratory cabinets have superior chemical, wear, and impact resistance compared with most other types of lab cabinet materials. In addition, our custom lab cabinets are low-maintenance and very easy to keep clean.

Case Systems is a long-standing member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA), whose focus is to improve quality, safety and timely completion of laboratory cabinets and facilities. You can be confident you are in good company when you come to Case Systems for solutions to your laboratory cabinet essentials.

Rely on Case Systems and our dealers for lab cabinet design expertise and practical engineering of lab cabinets that translates into products of unmatched quality, beauty, and value. All of our custom laboratory cabinet solutions are designed to meet your unique lab applications, so be sure to discuss your individual needs with us. We will help you determine the ideal and most cost-effective lab cabinet system to solve your exacting laboratory requirements.

To learn more about our laboratory cabinets and lab cabinet solutions, let's talk. This is but an overview of our lab cabinet products and only a snapshot of our capabilities within the laboratory environment. We urge you to contact your local dealer to discuss your specific laboratory cabinet needs. Contact your local authorized dealer of Case Systems laboratory cabinetry at: Case Systems, 2700 James Savage Road, Midland, Michigan, 48642. Telephone: 1.989.496.9510. Fax: 1.989.496.9928.