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Mail Storage - Cubicle Mail Storage

At Case Systems, it's our experience with custom storage solutions that makes us a leader in custom mail cubicles and custom storage cubbies. If you need to supply your office with new mail cubicles or are looking to increase your mail storage capacity, contact Case Systems today to speak with one of our experienced professionals and begin designing your new wall-mount mail cubicle system or storage cubby system to match your unique work space requirements. Designed with adaptability, configurability, and efficiency in mind, our custom mail cubicle units are well-suited to a wide range of working environments.

Case Systems can supply you with:

  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Academic Offices
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Colleges and Universities
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Dental Offices
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Doctors' Offices
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Family Practice Centers
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Hospitals
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Libraries
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Long-term Care Residences
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Lunch and Break Rooms
  • Mail Cubicle Storage for Nurses' Stations


  • Custom Cubbies for Bowling Alleys
  • Custom Cubbies for Locker Rooms
  • Custom Cubbies for Preschools
  • Custom Cubbies for Sitting Areas
  • Custom Cubbies for Sports Facilities
  • Custom Cubbies for Waiting Rooms

These, and many more academic, medical, administrative, or commercial uses can be fulfilled by working with Case Systems to design custom cubbies and cubicles for mail, shoes, hats, gloves, books, or similar items.

Contact Case Systems by calling 1.989.496.9510, and see how easy it is to work with our mail cubby specialists to design custom mail cubicles or storage cubbies that are ideally suited to your unique work space.

Sure, our custom mail cubicles and storage cubbies are versatile in their applications, but are they durable? In Taber abrasion tests, the thermally fused melamine laminate used in Case Systems storage cubbies consistently outperforms both laboratory-grade steel and high-pressure laminate, showing little to no wear. Our hot-melt adhesive process creates a chemical bond between the laminate and the engineered board, meaning no de-lamination for either your mail cubicle or storage cubby!

Utilizing engineered particleboard substrates, plastic laminate surfaces, institutional-grade hardware, and superior PVC edging, our storage cubbies and mail cubicles are designed to provide many years of outstanding performance. Our cubbies and mail cubicles have superior chemical, wear, and impact resistance. In addition, our custom cubbies and mail cubicles are low-maintenance and very easy to keep clean.

So, whether you need wall-mount storage cubbies, or customized mail cubicles, you can be certain that the cubbies and mail cubicles you receive from Case Systems are of the highest quality, and meet some of the toughest industry standards.

All of our storage cubby and mail cubicle solutions are designed to meet your unique storage applications, so be sure to discuss your individual needs with us. We will help you determine the ideal and most cost-effective storage cubby or mail cubicle system to solve your exacting storage requirements.

To learn more about our custom storage cubby or mail cubicle solutions, let's talk. This is only an overview of our custom cubby and cubicle product line. We urge you to contact your local dealer to discuss your specific mail cubicle or storage cubby needs. Contact your local authorized dealer of Case Systems storage cubicles at: Case Systems Inc., 2700 James Savage Road, Midland, Michigan, 48642. Telephone: 1.989.496.9510. Fax: 1.989.496.9928