Superior Quality Casework Materials

Laminate & Metal:
The Choice is Yours

We offer manufacturing services that our competitors can’t. Case Systems is your one-stop-shop for laminate manufacturing.

Case Systems manufacturing has an edge in the woodworking industry, in that we offer metal fabrication as well. While many manufacturers only offer laminate and cabinet manufacturing, we do it all.

Even if your custom project needs both laminate and metal components, it’s no problem for our team of experts! We can combine metal and wood to manufacture the products you’re envisioning.

Material Versatility

We offer a wide selection of materials, finishes, patterns and colors to produce custom cabinets and furniture to fit your unique needs, style, and application requirements.

  • Particleboard
  • Plywood
  • High-pressure laminates
  • Thermofused laminates
  • MDF
  • Edgebanding
  • Sheet metal

See how we can help your business thrive!

Quality Assurance through Training and Technology

At Case Systems we keep investing in training and technology to offer our customers the best performance in the industry. We invite you to visit our manufacturing facility and see our operation for yourself. Our team is proud to show off our capabilities and explain the details of the manufacturing process.



Case Systems has strong relationships with several of the most reputable laminate manufacturers and we offer High-Pressure and Thermofused laminates for your projects.

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Core Materials

We offer medium-density fiberboard and high-density M2 particleboard which meets ANSI A208.1-2016 standards.

If your project needs to be certified according to LEED® standards, we offer ULEF (Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde) M2 particleboard. We carefully select suppliers who are committed to offering low-emitting particleboard. Because of this, our particleboard meets CARB approved ULEF emission levels.

Built-In Features for Safety and Durability
  • High-density particleboard capable of holding screws as well as solid oak
  • Low-emission particleboard
  • Moisture-resistant materials

Learn About Our Core Materials

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Components

While many manufacturers only offer laminate and cabinet manufacturing, Case Systems excels beyond just quality laminate casework to offer a wide range of material options, including metal. For special projects which require both wood and metal components, Case Systems offers sheet metal fabrication. We have the facilities, technology, and the workforce to handle it all in one factory.

Save Big on Time and Money Without Sacrificing Quality

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What is it about great companies like Case Systems that allow them to withstand the test of time? Their people!!! Case Systems fosters a culture of togetherness and family, grounded by a set of core values integrity, teamwork, positive attitude, achievement, and growth. The Case Systems employees strive to live and model these values every day, not just words on the wall. What a great national manufacturer we can be proud to have in the Great Lakes Bay region.
– Mark Johnston