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Case Systems Contract Manufacturing Process Explained

When selecting a manufacturer or deciding to work with a manufacturer as a construction firm, it is crucial to tick all boxes.

At Case Systems, we provide a detailed map of what to expect when you decide to work with us. We understand how important a transparent process is, especially when working within a budget and a stringent time frame. Hence, our continuous focus on transparency and ease of operation.

Our over 60 years of experience in the woodworking industry has enabled a contract manufacturing process that saves our clients from unwarranted stress and production troubles but equally adds value both fiscally and operational, when they choose to work with us.

Streamlined Process to Support Production Volume and Quality Standards

What to expect when choosing to work with Case Systems as your contract manufacturing partner.

Every industry and company is different and we will tailor each step to meet your needs.


We always start with a conversation about your goals and general description of the product. In this first step, you will share specifications, drawings, or engineering files that you have regarding the projects so that we can work to meet your design needs and specifications. We are always more than willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your technology, designs, or other intellectual property.

Project Scope

During this step of the contract manufacturing process, you will get to know your key contacts for the project. We want you to be comfortable with all aspects of your project, including the team that will support you.

  • Volume
  • Packaging & Handling
  • Lead-times
  • Communication Preferences
  • Materials and Standards

Engineering and Proposal

In this step of the process, our Estimating team will take the requirements and specifications for your project into consideration and create a thorough proposal.

If your product is not completely engineered, yet or you’re looking for a custom solution, our Engineering department will work with you to create a design that fits your needs, is cost-efficient, and of the highest quality. Once the engineering of your product is complete, we can give you a proposal based on our volume expectations.


For more complex products, we suggest building a prototype for your review, so you can test drive it and make sure you are excited to put your name on the new product.

Project Management

We will discuss and define the most efficient ways to handle your project and listen to your preferred method of communication and order processing.

Do you prefer the ease of emails or the personal touch of a phone call? What software do you prefer to use? Would you like your products to be integrated into an automated flow?

All these are questions and conversations we will have to make sure we set up an enjoyable partnership from the start.


Once both sides feel comfortable with the project, we move into the final pricing and contract stage. You have found your new casework manufacturing partner!


As our project starts and evolves, we will schedule regular reviews to hear your feedback and make continuous improvements.

America’s Best Contract Manufacturing Process

Part of working with Case Systems is working with a team that has been proudly serving the United States for decades. Our manufacturing process has provided countless customers with outstanding casework and laminate products that last for generations. Partner with our team and know that you’re working with a contract manufacturer who prides itself on being the best in the nation.

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