Featured Project: Early Childhood Learning Center


Childhood learning facilities need to meet high standards, including safety of the children and durability of the equipment. A new 4,608 square-foot early childhood learning center at the community college in Roscommon, Michigan was looking for durable casework that provided both functionality and natural wood grain laminates to enhance the children’s environment.

In order to find the right solution for their facility, the Warbler’s Nest worked with Case Systems Solutions. The Solutions team recommended treated lockers, laminate countertops and case, wall and tall cabinets from Case Systems to meet the center’s storage, play and work surface needs. The casework and countertops were treated with ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology, which remains functional for the lifetime of the surface. ÆGIS technology protects casework and surfaces from bacteria and other microbes that can cause deterioration – without dissipating or leaching into the environment – making it an ideal choice for childcare and learning environments. It is also EPA registered with 30 years of safe and effective use.

The Warbler’s Nest enhances developmental growth and provides quality care of young children of KCC students. As happy sounds of children fill the Warbler’s Nest, parents, teachers and administrators can take comfort in knowing the casework and storage systems are designed to withstand many years of creating, exploration and learning.

“We needed high performing, quality casework that met both our needs as caregivers, as well as the needs of the young children we serve…We are committed to helping these children grow both physically and mentally, while developing an initiative for learning and creativity. They need a clean, spacious environment with a safe equipment that encourages learning. We are so satisfied with the casework that we are looking into adding more wall storage”

– Tracey Znamer, Early Childhood Learning Center Director