Athletic Casework

Efficient Work, Storage, & Recreation Spaces

Wow recruits, coaches, players and fans.

Locker rooms, gyms, administrative offices and concession stands can all be made into efficient work, storage, and recreation spaces with our sustainable casework and height-adjustable, ergonomic workstations. Case Systems has the products for virtually any athletic facility application.

Your team’s spirit will be on full display with the Case Systems selection of color laminates. Customize the look of your locker room, box office, concessions area or arena entrance while providing safe, functional storage and workspace.

By selecting Case Systems you can also choose and added layer of protection. Our ÆGIS Microbe Shield® program helps protect your athletic space casework from bacteria and other microbes that cause staining, deterioration and odors, while providing additional value, season after season, year after year.

Engineered to the Highest of Standards

  • AWI premium grade mechanical joinery, holds up under the toughest circumstances, but allows to replace individual parts if necessary without breaking dowel and glue.
  • Laminate surfaces perform better in high traffic environments than wood or steel, while offering hundreds of color choices.
  • Open design for best airflow and optional fans.
  • Integrated bench seating eliminates the need for floor mounted benches or folding chairs, saving valuable floor space.
  • Delivered fully assembled, ensuring perfect fit and completion. No missing pieces and quick installation.
  • Competitively priced; designs and quality equal to and beyond specialty name brand suppliers.
  • High performance core materials to withstand the rugged use of team athletes.
  • ÆGIS Microbe Shield® is treatment available to prevent odors, stains and materials deterioration. Assists in keeping a hygienic environment for the health of your athletes and staff. Read more.

Tell us about your locker room vision: we will work with you to create an inspiring and functional environment for your team that will stand the test of time.

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Making the Products that Make the Rooms

Case Systems cabinets, hardware, and counters are never the excitement in a room-and we like it that way! We support what happens in the space-the locker room, the concession stand, the administrative office… that is where the real excitement is. We know what it takes to organize and store athletic gear, trophies and more. Athletic equipment Managers love the functionality of our solutions, and we help you be ready for the next big game!

Durable and Elegant

Case Systems’ products are designed to last. Athletes, coaches and sports fans need well designed and well-built casegoods—but not at the expense of aesthetic and form! A high level of performance at a competitive price must be married with an elegant, appealing look. We are able to offer casework constructed with latest substrates, laminates and industrial grade hardware, providing superior chemical, wear and impact resistance. But we never forget that that is just half the requirement! Each space needs to look incredible and make organization, communication, storage and use all comfortable and natural.


Your athletic locker rooms and recreation areas have to fulfill many functions:

  • Provide ample storage for gear and personal items for your athletes.
  • Be arranged in an open layout for free flow of communication.
  • Include construction that holds up under the most challenging circumstance.
  • Offer equipment managers a design that is easy to clean and offers airflow to keep equipment in perfect shape.
  • Be a comfortable place for athletes, fans, coaches, and staff to do what they love.