K-12 Cabinets and Education Casework

Improving Environments for K-12 Education

Meeting the ever-evolving needs of educators and students.

The 21st century learning environment calls for new and creative thinking and solutions. From preschools to high schools, the process of teaching, learning, and discovery are unique in that they evolve as our understanding of the world evolves. Keeping up with such unique processes across a variety of educational venues requires specialized knowledge. With more than 35 years of experience creating storage and work surface casework solutions for educational environments – from design through project management to final installation – Case Systems, along with our dealers, have the flexibility to help you create the best place to learn and grow.

All of our solutions are designed with students, educators, and administrators in mind – from self-latching music grille doors to height-adjustable tables, desk and rail systems. Educators, in particular, will enjoy the beauty and functionality designed into every cabinet. Administrators will certainly appreciate the fact that our high quality casework is designed to be low maintenance.

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Case Systems products provide school districts with a solid return on investment. We provide a variety of adaptable, economical solutions for a number of academic applications. It’s our lean philosophy, which we employ from the office to the manufacturing floor, that helps reduce cost, waste and lead-time, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

Designing casework for educational environments is no small challenge. That’s why we offer a variety of storage and work surface solutions for specific applications, including:

  • General Classroom
  • Technology Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Libraries
  • Music Rooms
  • Industrial and Home Arts
  • Arts and Crafts Areas
  • Administrative Offices

To learn more about how Case Systems products provide a proven investment and a durable choice, contact us.

From Classrooms to Science Labs

We realize you face new challenges daily, such as being able to adapt a classroom from one type of curriculum to another or from one age group to another. Perhaps you need to adapt your school to accommodate changes in enrollment or to meet government regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is a fact that the 21st century flexible learning expectation requires new ways of thinking about your class room architecture.

These challenges mean it’s best to work with an experienced casework manufacturer. Count on Case Systems and our dealers to provide solutions that will make you proud.

Case Systems products can be found in classrooms labs, libraries and music rooms across the country!

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A Proven Investment and a Better Choice

School administrators find that Case Systems products provide school districts with a solid return on investment. Our casework products provide a variety of adaptable, economical solutions for a number of academic applications. Rely on Case Systems and our dealers for design expertise and practical engineering that translates into products of unmatched quality, beauty and value.

Designed for Durability

Case Systems K-12 classroom furniture, storage cabinets, countertops, and other products are designed to withstand the use and abuse of thousands of students over many years, while sustaining a high level of performance at a competitive price. Our casework is constructed from the latest substrates, laminates and industrial grade hardware, providing superior chemical, wear and impact resistance. Our products also are low maintenance, easy-to-clean and include a variety of solutions that are ADA-compliant. Plus, they are adaptable enough to change as learning needs evolve, while delivering a long product life cycle to your school.

Portfolio Gallery

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Our products meet the rigorous demands of educational systems. They are durable, functional, and attractive. We all know that today’s students expect learning environments that pay attention to their individuality and their quest to discover new horizons. Our products feature:

  • High quality engineered particleboard substrates.
  • Hundreds of plastic laminate surfaces and edge colors choices.
  • Durable Institutional hardware.
  • Superior PVC edging to eliminate sharp edges and corners.
  • Built for everyday use, and high-impact situations.