Healthcare Casework

Spaces that Nurture Healing

Attention to detail and flexibility for winning designs.

We often hear in conversations with architects: “A cabinet is a cabinet until you talk about healthcare.”

Healthcare puts strict requirements on a “clean” cabinet. It must be easy to clean and maintain. But this is just the beginning. Today’s healthcare requirements go beyond the aspect of cleanliness and into aesthetics and custom solutions to ensure an efficient workflow and safe convenience for medical professionals. We know that these environments need to be designed to help the healing process and provide comfort to family members.

Keeping pace with the healthcare industry requires knowledge – not only of what patients need, but also of what doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals require.

Case Systems and our dealer network have this knowledge and we are your partner in this process of creating healing spaces for patients and efficient works solutions for health care professionals.

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Casework From Infant Nurseries to Clinical Labs

Where functional design meets practical engineering.

Utilizing engineered particleboard substrates, plastic laminate surfaces and institutional-grade hardware, our medical casework is designed to provide many years of outstanding performance. Our products have superior chemical, wear and impact resistance compared to most other types of casework materials (Read more). In addition, they are low maintenance and very easy to clean – and with hundreds of laminates and edge colors to choose from aesthetics are never a concern.

Case Systems and our dealers deliver expertise and practical engineering that translates into products of unmatched quality, beauty and value.

Exam Rooms/ Treatment and Procedure Rooms
You can depend on Case Systems’ expertise and practical engineering required to create a functional workspace that addresses both patient and employee needs as well as their comfort and convenience. Our medical casework provides the required ergonomics and aesthetics to make patients feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in the capabilities of the healthcare provider.
Casework for Nurses Stations

Our nurse station casework configurations offer the flexibility and functionality nurses need to work efficiently, while providing an appearance that’s both pleasing to staff and inviting to patients and visitors. Our fixed and modular countertops and cabinets meet a myriad of task and storage requirements, plus accommodate plumbing and electrical services.

Lunch and Breakrooms
While patient care is of the utmost concern to you, your own care is equally important to us. To that end, we’ve designed lunch and breakrooms to be as beautiful as they are functional. Laminated countertops and casework solutions are designed to make time away from patients as comfortable as possible.

Creating Comfort, Efficiency and Confidence

Case Systems is your partner in creating the right environment for medical facilities to help make patients feel more comfortable and cared for, while allowing staff members to perform their jobs with greater ease, efficiency and safety. Through our extensive dealer network, we can deliver a superior, long-term customer experience by providing cost-effective solutions that meet diverse needs. We help create a workspace that inspires confidence, professional pride and brings years of satisfaction.

Value Added and Custom Made

Caregivers constantly shift from hands-on patient care to administrative tasks, requiring casework solutions that offer flexibility and adaptability. That’s why Case Systems provides fixed, mobile and loose casework combinations to enhance productivity in multi-functioning work environments. We’ll work with you to assess your requirements and deliver the casework and complementary products needed to create a complete, cost effective healthcare solution. Case Systems has the technology and expertise to build high-quality casework that you expect for your healthcare application. You can also count on our construction specialists for answers on Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED®) certification and multiple product solutions for ADA compliance.

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In today’s highly competitive environment, patients and their visitors equate aesthetically appealing and functional patient rooms with quality healthcare. That’s why we offer hundreds of drawer/door combinations, patient friendly wardrobe units and soothing laminate colors and designs for countertops and other applications. As with all casework, our patient room solutions offer flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of each individual patient.

  • Patient rooms.
  • Exam rooms/ treatment and procedure rooms.
  • Nurses stations.
  • Lunch and breakrooms.
  • Administration offices.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Clinical labs.