Higher Education Casework

Aesthetic and Functionality for Today’s Colleges & Universities

Clean modern lines greet tomorrow’s leaders.

You are competing to attract the best students and academic staff and your campus is your main avenue to wow them.

Whether it is a teaching space or a research and development lab where tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems are discovered, we understand our role in contributing to workspace design, flow and delivery. Our product line extends beyond the teaching and research areas into dorm rooms, athletic locker rooms and common areas.

Plastic laminate surfaces provide advantages on so many levels: wear and impact resistance, choice of colors and finishes as well as low maintenance.

We provide the University or College and its students/researchers with the environment that enhances their performance today and provides for the flexibility of what tomorrow might bring.

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From Lunch Rooms to Locker Rooms

Each fall around the country a new batch of young adults arrive with everything they own packed into their parent’s minivan ready to start a new adventure at a college or university. The students arrive with some very basic needs – a place to sleep, eat, learn and study. They may never realize it, but Case Systems is with them every step of the way in classrooms, labs, libraries, cafeterias, and dorm rooms.

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Innovative Solutions. “Best in Class” Products.

Working labs, lunch and break rooms, storage cubbies, athletic lockers, administrative offices and dorm rooms. We help you find the right solution that is attractive, durable and efficient.

Take advantage of the flexibility laminate offers with colors and finishes: design your space to match your schools brand in athletic areas and dorm rooms. We can even integrate your school colors and logos into our solutions. Have a look at LA Tech’s incredible football locker room.

Don’t forget with our ÆGIS Microbe Shield® we can protect high traffic areas from deterioration, odors and stains caused by microbes

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With our family of companies we are in the best position to equip your lab to the highest standards with regards to technology, design and visual appeal.

  • Mobile, fixed and rail-mounted casework.
  • Work surfaces.
  • Height adjustable workstations.
  • Overhead distribution systems.
  • Dorm room furniture.