Music Room Casework

Always Hitting A High Note

Keeping music programs across the country in tune.

Keeping instruments, sheet music and uniforms in order, and in turn keeping chaos at bay. That is the difference Case Systems casegoods can make for a music program. Choose from a large selection of compartments and cabinets designed with the very specific needs of music educators in mind. We have solutions for all your storage needs with the just right compartment size for your instruments.

Just imagine: The bell rings, and the horde rushes in. Backpacks are dropped to the ground and chairs scrape on the tile floor. The large room fills with sounds of the opening of cabinets, slamming of doors, unlocking of cases. The chaos slowly settles into order and they take their seats. Then that one day, late into the second semester, recognizable, melodic notes begin to emanate from the large room at the end of the long hall. That day, the 7th grade band students finally made music instead of just noise.

At Case Systems we are proud to play our small role in bringing beautiful music to the world!

Budget-Wise Without Compromise

Not all instrument storage is created equal. For some, a known high-end brand is important. For others, bare bone functionality is enough. At Case Systems we believe that form and function go hand in hand, but we also realize that budgets have to go further every day. This is why our experts have designed a line of robust music casework that will withstand the daily use and abuse. But we also make sure your music room will look good and create an inviting atmosphere. After all, you want to be proud to show off your program and facility to future students and parents.

All of our casework components are compatible for a custom fit no matter the room size. That means you can organize and furnish your music department today, then add pieces as you go. Whatever music room furniture you choose, it is designed for low maintenance, making it cost effective for years of exceptional performance.

Not sure what size to order for which instruments? Calculate the compartments needed for your project  with our Music Compartment Calculator.

Case Systems music casework is a smart investment in durable, good looking quality at a competitive price.

Music Room Shelving Options
All instrument and uniform storage cabinets are available with three shelving options:

1. Caseliner™ – Charcoal gray, polyurethane/polyurea elastomer-coated, melamine-faced, 3/4-inch particleboard with drainage grooves running back to front; rounded-over top front edge provides superior impact resistance and waterproofing.

2. Thermoplastic – Plastic-covered 3/4-inch particleboard with a 3mm front edge to provide superior impact and wear resistance (available in gray, almond or white).
3. Hardboard – 1/2-inch particleboard core sandwiched between two layers of 1/8-inch solid hardboard, with a 3mm front edge.
Door and Lock Options
All units can be specified with doors or without doors.

Door options include:

1. Grille Doors – For secure storage, our music room casework typically features wire grille doors to allow ventilation without affecting the acoustics or volume level of the room. The doors are powder coated with a platinum colored epoxy and available either in a self-latching model, which latches effortlessly upon closing, or with individual lock hasps.

2. Solid Laminate Doors – Our laminate doors are manufactured using a balanced construction of 0.028-inch-thick high pressure laminate (HPL) exterior and cabinet liner interior and are edged with high-impact resistant 3mm PVC.

All doors include heavy-duty, five-knuckle hinges and optional bolt-through construction for superior strength.


High Pressure Laminate available in a virtually endless number of colors and finishes. FINISH Thermofused melamine only available in 7 standard colors.
Different shelving options available incl. heavy duty Caselinerâ„¢. SHELVING OPTIONS Different shelving options available incl. heavy duty.
High number of different standard models to fit any music room. Custom applications to fit even the most unusual layouts are available. CONFIGURATION High number of different standard models to fit any music room.
AWI Premium Grade certified mechanical joinery. Allows for the replacement of parts without compromising the entire cabinet. JOINERY Bolt-through construction.
Delivered fully assembled, ensuring perfect fit and completion. No missing pieces and quick installation. DELIVERY Knock-down (disassembled) delivery requiring additional time and resources for installation and risk for missing components.
Competitively priced while designs and quality equal to and beyond industry name brand suppliers. PRICE/VALUE Name brand premium pricing.

Make Your Design Sing

We’re committed to developing music room casework solutions to meet your unique needs. Our custom engineering department will review any customization feature in your design and ensure that you are getting the solution that best fits your specific requirements. The high-pressure laminate surfaces are available in hundreds of colors giving you virtually endless freedom in your design.

Orchestrated for Versatility

It’s easy to compose a music room to fit your needs and budget with Case Systems. Whether you’re looking for an entire system for your department or simply some shelving units to store sheet music, instruments, or uniforms and gowns, we can help you design an economical solution. Our versatile cabinets come in a variety of sizes, finishes and configurations. That means you can find what you need to organize your music department today, then add pieces as your needs and budget grow. Plus, our durable, easy-to-clean cabinets are designed to stay looking great under heavy use, making them cost-effective for years of exceptional performance.

In Tune with You – Quality Music Room Designs that Fit Your Budget

Our fixed, impact-resistant shelves are just one reason you can count on unparalleled durability when you buy Case Systems music storage cabinets. Heavy-duty hardware and top-quality doors further ensure quality construction that holds up to years of use. Choose from different shelving options, door types, sizes, configurations and color options for the right combination of great looks, functionality and fit.

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Casework Applications

Case Systems offers instrument storage and rehearsal spaces with sustainable casework solutions. Case Systems has the products for virtually any music application—available in an amazing variety of colors, laminates, and hardware choices AND with ÆGIS Microbe Shield® –perfect for your :

  • Rehearsal spaces.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Instrument storage.
  • Uniform or garment storage.
  • Backpack cubbies.