Residence Life

Durable, Quality Dorm Room Solutions

Designed specifically for youthful exuberance.

Dorm rooms are a special place where life-long memories are made, friendships are formed and hard-working scholars hit the books in an effort to heighten the genius they will bring to the world.

…And perhaps throw a party or two.

Our Residence Life products have been developed specifically to withstand – and thrive – under the rigors of youth. Easy to clean, and built with quality cores, laminate and hardware, your Dorm Room casework solution will stand the test of time… and freshmen too!

Case Systems’ Residence Life products are the perfect option for multi-use high-activity spaces. Storage, sleeping, studying, and living are all easy in these clean, durable and flexible designs. Our laminate solutions have quickly become one of the most preferred surfaces by Universities, not only its tough surface and strong composition but also its undeniable aesthetic appeal.

image of blue room with blue bunk beds

From Bunk Beds to Work Spaces

  • AWI premium grade mechanical joinery, holds up under the toughest circumstances, but allows for the replacement of individual parts if necessary without breaking dowel and glue.
  • Laminate surfaces perform better in high traffic environments than wood or steel and while offering hundreds of color choices.
  • Delivered fully assembled, ensuring perfect fit and completion. No missing pieces and quick installation.
  • Competitively priced with designs and quality equal to and beyond specialty name brand suppliers.
  • High performance core materials designed to withstand the rugged use of students.
Image of Case Systems dorm room bed for residence life page

Durable and Strong

Laminate is a highly durable surface. Laminate surfaces feature a hard and tough wear layer, and provide better scratch and dent resistance than many materials including wood.

Resistance to Staining and Fading

Laminate offers increased stain resistance over wood. Stains can be easily cleaned and spills are quickly wiped from laminate surfaces. And unlike many other types of wood, laminate is designed not to fade with repeated sun exposure.

Variety and Selection

Laminate provides a photographic finish in a diverse range of colors, styles, designs and patterns. A combination of color and design is available for every unique interior style and environment.

Easy on the Pocketbook and the Environment

Laminate offers a value-added proposition on a long-term basis, retaining its shape, color and beauty over a period of 25 years or longer. Laminate also ensures a cleaner environment by preventing the growth of dust mites and not retaining dust, dirt and debris.

Better than Real

Laminate is an imitation of real wood. The pattern visible is mostly a printed photo of wood. This feature includes a range of wood effects as well as stone, ceramic and other impressions.

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Your Residence Life dorm solutions are not only stylish, but designed and built to fulfill many functions:

  • Provide ample storage for personal items for your students.
  • Be arranged in way that makes the most of small spaces.
  • Includes construction that holds up under the most challenging circumstances.
  • Be easy to clean and maintain.