When we say upgrade to laminate we mean it! Plastic laminate cabinets are versatile, durable, and beautiful. When designing an environment, you want a material that doesn’t limit your creativity and gives you lots of choices. When using Plastic Laminate you can be BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. STRONG!

Case Systems is your partner when the project calls for high performance, cost-efficient materials. We listen to your needs, work with you to find the best solutions, and deliver a quality product on time.

Pick your Color

An almost endless selection of colors and finishes allows you to let your creativity run free and create stunning signature designs. Pair vibrant or traditional surfaces with one of the many high-performance edge banding solutions for an eye-catching look.

Winning price

We know price is always a critical component when considering design solutions. CASE SYSTEMS will offer you the right price, quality, and flexibility for your projects to help you win the race. Ask us for a quote.

Flexible casework designs

We’ll work with you. Our solutions fit many different forms and give you the freedom to create designs around your vision and not around the limitations of the material. You have free reign when working with laminates.

Superior Durability

We do best in high-traffic environments. Did you know that high-pressure laminates outperform steel and wood in wear resistance tests? Your products will stand the test of time and look like new even after years of continuous use.

Tell us about your projects and ideas! We help you create award winning environments that are a showcase of your work. Let’s build your dream!