Antimicrobial Casework

Treat Your Casework Well

Some environments demand more attention.

By selecting Case Systems, you can also choose an added layer of protection for your cabinets and work surfaces. Our ÆGIS Microbe Shield® program helps shield your casework from bacteria and other microbes that cause staining, deterioration and odors, while providing additional value, year after year. Treating your casework with this technology is an additional means of defense against microbes and should be used in addition to a standard cleaning protocol.

Infections, Diseases, and the Spread of Superbugs

Infections, diseases and the spread of superbugs are in the news and on everyone’s mind.

Especially in healthcare, the control of microbes takes center stage. In a recent study the CDC reports that at any given day one in 25 U.S. patients has at least one infection contracted during the course of their hospital care, demonstrating the need for improved infection control in U.S. healthcare facilities.

Reduce the ways an infection or disease can spread in high-touch areas and fight the spread of microbes. When best practices are implemented and surfaces are treated with anti-microbial solutions, you can stop the spread of infection and disease in your work, medical or educational facilities.

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Chemically Bonded  – The Protective Barrier Your Casework Needs

The ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology is chemically bonded to the surface of the product.

Once a microbe comes into contact with a surface treated with a silane based shield the following happens:

  • The sword punctures the microbe membrane upon contact.
  • The positively charged Nitrogen acts like a magnet and draws the negatively charged cell membrane even further down on the sword. This alone can end the life of many microbes.
  • The final blow is delivered when the negative and positive charges get into contact, delivering a reaction that electrocutes and blows apart the microbe.
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ÆGIS Microbe Shield® Technology

Protect your casework from bacteria and other microbes that can cause staining, deterioration and odors. Case Systems casework is available with an additional treatment that is SAFE & EFFECTIVE.

  • Controls objectionable odors, unsightly stains, and product deterioration.
  • Used in textiles and is safe to wear on the skin.
  • Does not create an environment that promotes adaptive micro-organisms.
  • No arsenic, heavy metals or polychlorinated phenols.
  • Accepted, registered and readily available worldwide.
  • More than 30 years of safe and effective use.
  • Protects against microbial growth, but won’t leach onto the skin.


Be Informed: What Are My Options?

Arsenic, Lead, Silver

Arsenic, Lead & Silver each poison the microbes by way of chemicals or free radicals that transfer off the surface with the obvious downsides of concerns for skin flora and the environment. Silver may be a great choice for a piece of jewelry, but no one would want it to transfer free radicals to their skin. The use of silver for antimicrobial purposes also needs to be in contact with the organism for more than 24hrs to have a significant killing rate. Lead has long been known to have its own hazards—just think about the issues with lead paint!


Tricosane is used in many common household items, like hand sanitizers and toothpaste. Triclosane-based solutions also work with poison to kill microbes. While short-term contact with this substance is not dangerous, you would not want to have repeated exposure to it like you would with a counter-top in a work station.

Why ÆGIS Microbe Shield® is Better for Casework

Both Triclosan-based and Arsenic, Lead, Silver concepts have the downside of working through the transfer of substances. ÆGIS Microbe Shield® does not leach, doesn’t transfer, contains no poisons and lasts a lifetime. It is simply the best and only choice when it comes to the health, longevity, and durability of your casegoods, and the protection of the people who use it.

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Advantages of Antimicrobial

Our ÆGIS Microbe Shield® program helps protect your casework from bacteria and other microbes that cause staining, deterioration and odors.

  • This solution is a purely physical control of microbes – not chemical.
  • There is no leaching or transfer from the surface to hands.
  • It won’t wear off for the life of the product.
  • A safe and effective option in pre-schools, dorm rooms and hospitals.
Treating your casework with ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology is an additional means of protection and should be used in conjunction with a standard cleaning protocol while the shield is invisible, the treatment can be very easily verified.

All those little hands – touching EVERYTHING in a classroom. Ask any school teacher about the germs the kids share and you would want their classroom treated with a built-in and safe protection.

No matter how well a room is regularly cleaned and sanitized, sometimes it is not enough. Give your clients the added peace of mind that comes from an added layer of protection.