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The Inside Story – Instrument Storage.

Music Cabinet Spec

Instruments of Change

Tools that help you plan your Instrument Storage.

Planning a new music room can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we have created handy online tools to help you plan and explore your options.

Music Compartment Calculator

Use our easy calculator to receive an initial composition list of the types and quantities of compartments you will need for your band or orchestra storage. With just a click, you can download a pdf of your results, and have them sent to a local Case Systems dealer for an estimate.

Online Catalog

Once you know the number of compartments you need, exploring your options on our online product catalog is easy! The Case Systems offering is expansive and offers many different instrument storage, folio cabinets for sheet music and other complementary items.

For Architects: Case Systems SpecWizard

Create a up-to-date specification for plastic laminate music casework that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Architectural Woodwork Standards in under 15 minutes! Or just download our standard specification for instrument storage and music casework. Still have questions? Your local Case Systems experts are always just a phone call away!

Standing Ovation

Artistry and Efficiency in Perfect Sync.

Great music teachers and band directors are a combination of accomplished musicians and excellent instructors. They find harmony in their musical artistry and teaching prowess. However, great music teachers do more than simply teach students how to play an instrument. They engage their students, and encourage interaction,¬†confidence, and creativity. Not only that, they must orchestrate the logistics of moving and storing all the items that teaching a music class entails. Instruments, sheet music, and garments, the list goes on. All are valuable, handled often, and in need of effective and efficient storage.¬† Case Systems offers durable and flexible storage solutions that make band and orchestra effortless. Now students and teachers can focus on what they do best ‚ÄĒ hitting the high notes.

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Planning is Key

Avoid Layouts That Fall Flat.

Safety First
One of the first things to decide is, how to secure the instruments. Do you need individual doors with independent locks? Or would locked full height doors with a master key work well in your situation? Is your music room itself lockable? Then open cabinets may be a suitable¬† option. Make sure to evaluate your need for security carefully. Whichever door option you choose will have a dramatic impact on the look¬† and feel of a room ‚Äď and your budget.

Plan Your Flow
Students are always in a hurry, and the last thing you want in your music room is a traffic jam. When you plan your instrument storage, be sure to even out access by mixing together large and small instrument compartments. Something else to consider; leave clearance space in front of cabinets to allow for door swing, walk-through, and quick instrument care/assembly. Lastly, make sure hinges are placed on the wall side of the cabinet.

You May Have More Space Than You Think
Consider adding counter-tops on top of tall cabinets for extra storage, or on base cabinets for efficient work-surfaces. It might be a good idea to add drawer storage or sink units too.

Know Your Audience
It might seem obvious, but make sure to have main users in mind when planning. If a younger band: have plenty of storage planned for 37‚ÄĚ ‚Äď small students can‚Äôt reach the top compartments of tall cabinets. Also, for especially hefty instruments, position majority of large compartments lower, or assign wheel-in cabinet storage.

Sheet Music Storage

Complete Your Space

Efficient Companion Products.

Of course, Case Systems is a casework manufacturer. We have what you need to round out your vision of the perfect space. Take your pick from coordinating wardrobes, sink cabinets, and more! Your magnum opus awaits…

High Density Storage: Keep your music safe in our efficient rollout library management system. Folio storage is an important component in the organization of your music program. Case Systems offers a plethora of different sizes and styles to keep you organized.