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The Art of Teaching Science

Inspiring Future Generations of Leaders

Science represents the first letter of the STEM/STEAM concept and has an essential role in its curriculum. When we talk about designing science labs, it is¬†always our goal to design spaces that embrace this approach. Student-centered environments that inspire innovation and experimentation, provide teachers with the resources they need to encourage curiosity and awaken their students’ passion for exploration. Designed well, our science¬†lab supports teachers in creating experiences that cultivate critical thinking and promote life-long learning.
Teaching science is an art, and LabCoach by Case Systems provides the canvas by offering collaborative state-of-the-art science lab solutions. Teachers can trust that their students are in the perfect space to safely explore and discover.

science lab

Form Must Follow Function.

A Science Lab Requires Specific Consideration

The design of a science room can either enhance or impede effective instruction. Classroom design in general demands a clear focus on the learning needs of students and the science rooms of today offer a plethora of unique challenges:
  • Support safety.
  • Encourage collaboration through smart design.
  • Provide abundant storage to organize and protect laboratory equipment and substances.
  • Effectively position workstations to maximize efficiency and increase free space to perform experiments, as well as lecture.
  • Ensure an adequate number of science rooms are available for teachers to use.
    (One science room per science teacher is a good rule of thumb.)

Additional Science Lab Information:

Gain More Latitude

New Freedom in Teaching and Experiencing Science

Science Lab Table

Highlight Features:

  1. Supporting the modern science curriculum; switch effortlessly from lecturing to lab with fixed or electric height-adjustable options. Go from 30‚ÄĚ to 36‚ÄĚ in seconds, saving valuable time and keeping order in the classroom.
  2. Save time and optimize flow by offering sinks at each student table. (Configurations without sink also available.)
  3. The Latitude table offers safely integrated services like gas, water & power making experiments safe and connections convenient.
  4. Industry standard work surfaces offered in epoxy or phenolic resin options. (Alternate surfaces available upon request.)
  5. Create inspiring and robust environments that support and withstand student curiosity. Match new or preexisting designs, by choosing metal or plastic laminate base pedestal enclosure panels ‚Äď available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  6. Fulfill your ADA sink requirements in your classroom by adding a sink to your configuration. (Sink arrangement is ADA compliant with a height of 34 inches.)
  7. Comfortably seat groups of 4 students in a collaborative learning environment.
Science Lab

Focus On Where It Counts

Labs Planned and Equipped to Fit Your Needs.

When you work with your LabCoach specialist, you don’t buy off the rack. We will discuss best practices of science lab design, and guidelines that include chemical resistant worksurfaces and sinks, emergency showers, eyewash stations, and more.

Case Systems offer the LabCoach line of products with personalized expert advice by our regional dealers and trained specialists. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience in designing environments that work for teachers and students.