AutoCADĀ® / Autocase+ for Casework

Implementing Case Systems into Your Projects

Supporting your workflow.

Autocase+ is a software tool developed by Case Systems to allow insertion of Case Systems cabinets into AutoCADĀ® drawings. It has been designed for ease of use and includes the complete line of Case Systems institutional casework. Autocase+ runs as an add-on tool in conjunction with an open session of AutoCADĀ®.

In addition to standard features available in AutoCADĀ® for creating your architectural or shop drawings, it gives you the ability to insert Case Systems cabinets directly onto the sheet. Autocase+ will draw a front view, or “elevation view,” dimensions the width of the cabinet, and includes information about the cabinet directly onto the drawing.

Download Autocase+ Program HERE

Download Set-Up ManualĀ  HERE

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