Nature is on Our Mind

Case Systems supports the health of our environment.

The health of our environment is of utmost importance to all of us and will impact future generations. How we manage our business and lives today will have lasting effects on the future, making it critical that we use our resources wisely. At Case Systems, the environment and our impact upon it is a continual focus. We believe that we can and do make a difference each and every day.

At Case Systems, we have an energy management team that continuously reviews all aspects of our environmental program focusing on ways in which we can decrease our carbon footprint by reducing the energy used and eliminating waste. As one example, all excess paint is gathered and reused and all wood waste is recycled with nothing going to a waste facility. Our goal at Case Systems is to have zero waste, which will impact everyone. A better environment, a better product, at the best possible price.

Another aspect of our environmental program that is critical is our lean philosophy of manufacturing. This state of the art technique allows us to produce product quickly while utilizing the minimal amount of raw materials and energy. Lean philosophy is also used in our offices at Case Systems.

LEED® Credit Matrix

Learn how our casework products may contribute to LEED® by downloading the LEED® Credit Matrix:

Core Material Matrix

Download a matrix of which board cores may contribute to LEED® credits:

FSC® available on request.

Download your copy of the Case Systems FSC® Chain of Custody Certification code SCS-COC-002050.

Did You Know?

What Laminates are Made of.

Laminates consist of Wood Fiber, Resin, Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber, and Rapidly Renewable Fiber like eg. Eucalyptus. Laminates are a good choice when you are committed to using sustainable materials for your projects.