Core Materials

More than Meets the Eye

Quality built on strength.

Just as a house, a well built cabinet needs good bones. You can use the sleekest hardware or laminates – if your core material isn’t up for the job, you won’t be happy with the performance of your project. This is why Case Systems never compromises on the quality of the casework components and only uses high quality core materials. Ask your Case Systems dealer which core material is right for your application.


Image of M3i Particleboard for Casework Materials page
M2 Particleboard

Our standard M2 particleboard meets ANSI A208.1-2016 standards and has the same screw holding strength as solid oak!

Image of ULEF M2 Particleboard for Casework Materials page
ULEF M2 Particleboard

We use a ULEF (Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde) M2 boards when your project needs to be LEED® certified. Case Systems has chosen suppliers of low-emitting particleboard that meet the CARB approved ULEF emission levels.

Image of Moisture Resistant Particleboard for Casework Materials page
Moisture Resistant Particleboard

For specialty casework projects that need moisture-resistant properties, Case Systems has the right core material for this environment.

Image of plywood for Casework Materials page

If your specifications call for plywood, Case Systems can offer our product line based on a Plywood core.

Upgrade to Laminate!

Supporting Your Vision and Budget.

When we say upgrade to laminate we mean it! Laminate cabinets are versatile, durable and beautiful. When designing an environment, you want a material that doesn’t limit your creativity and gives you lots of choices. With Plastic Laminate you can be BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. STRONG!