Edge Banding

Durable. Colorful. Edgy.

The finishing touch for your project.

The choice you make for your edge solution will have a quite dramatic impact on the look and durability of your project. Make sure you choose wisely and know your options.  Check out our trusted suppliers color and design solutions for inspiration and ideas.  Edge banding technology has developed quite dramatically and you can give your project an extra edge with a bold choice of color or texture.

Charter Industries Edgebanding

Charter Industries

Our PVC is stocked in over 1000 colors to match the world’s top laminate and melamine brands. Charter industries also provides custom color matches with low minimums and fast lead times. Ask about their FLEXIBLE 3mm edges for contour work and their new ABS edgebanding stock program.


Döllken is the leading supplier of Edgebanding products and solutions in PVC, ABS, and Acrylic to the North American woodworking industry. With factories, service centers and distribution partners throughout North America, Döllken is uniquely suited to supply products and services to the industry.


Put a signature touch on your projects with thousands of colors and multiple formulations in industry standard sizes. Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading systems and service provider in construction. By combining strong development capabilities with decentralized sales and service excellence, Rehau has become one of the top providers in the market.

Edges that Stay in Place

Protect the Look of Your Project.

The edges you choose for your project will decide how it will hold up over time. Our 3mm PVC edges offer superior impact resistance and will ensure years of trouble-free use. Hot-melt adhesive chemically bonds the edges to the engineered board, improving bonding strength.