MIDLAND, Mich.,  — Case Systems recently unveiled its newest addition, the Latitude, a science lab table for the K–12 classroom. Case Systems signature LabCoach line was created to foster overall STEM goals for education, and inspire future generations of thinkers and scientists. Latitude is a welcomed addition to this concept and is both impressively functional and durable.

Equal Considerations: Form and Function

“When we talk about designing science rooms, it is important to create student-centered environments that promote collaboration. And that’s not an easy task,” said Kelly Wehner, Case Systems President. “Designs must encourage creativity, foster the imagination, be safe and comfortable, and function as daily equipment that teachers can reliably trust to work consistently well. That’s exactly how our new Latitude table supports teachers: by creating a teaching environment that cultivates critical thinking and promotes life-long learning in the science classroom.”

Science room designs require great care to ensure that a teacher can effectively guide students in a safe, convenient, and impactful way. In addition, classroom lab equipment must adhere to strict safety standards while serving the learning needs of every student. As part of the LabCoach science-room design, the Latitude table promotes a student-centered environment that inspires innovation and experimentation, provides teachers with necessary resources to encourage student curiosity, and offers a well-designed piece of equipment engineered to last.

Latitude Science Lab Table Features

  • Competitive Pricing: Latitude is affordably priced to meet most school budgets for new equipment.
  • Smart Design: Safety first, maximized efficiency, and plenty of free space for students to work.
  • Versatility: The Latitude switches effortlessly from lecturing mode to lab-ready with by electrically adjusting its height. From 30–36 inches in seconds, the Latitude saves time and promotes order in the classroom.
  • Workflow: By offering sinks at each student table, the Latitude optimizes workflow and saves class time.
  • Service Integration: The Latitude provides a variety of integrated services like gas, water, and power. These conveniences work to increase experiment safety as well as efficiency.
  • Inclusivity: Sink arrangement heights are ADA compliant to promote an inclusive learning environment.
  • Collaborative Learning: The table comfortably seats groups of up to four students, allowing educators to set up collaborative learning exercises quickly.
  • Construction & Design Options: Work surfaces are offered in epoxy or phenolic resin options, while base panels are available in metal or laminate.

Case Systems offers all of its LabCoach product lines with personalized expert advice. To schedule a consultation with a regional dealer, please visit HERE.