Casework Construction

Distinct Look and Feel

The attention to detail is apparent.

A well-built cabinet has a distinct look and feel. Simply run your hand across the surface to recognize that it is made from only the highest quality materials. Open the doors and feel the ease and confidence in the swing. Stand back and sense the exacting fit and finish. The attention to detail is apparent.

At Case Systems, we know the quality of a cabinet goes much deeper than what you see on the surface. A quality cabinet is the result of practical engineering and impeccable craftsmanship, sleek design and smart manufacturing techniques.

Simply put, it is the service and trust you experience with every Case Systems product: Built right and delivered when promised.

The Inside Story :

  1. M3i engineered board: Meeting ANSI A 208.1-2016 standards, provides the same screw holding strength as solid oak!
  2. Built-in strength: A ½-inch back panel adds durability, while the ¾-inch back stretcher resists racking.
  3. Choice of colors: In HPL laminate and edge colors, for aesthetically appealing casework to enhance your decor.
  4. Robust drawer construction: Our full 4-sided drawer design includes ½-inch-thick side members, hardwood dowel joinery and a full ½-inch-thick, non-racking, non-deflecting platform bottom that is screwed into place.
  5. Heavy-load drawer slides: The 100-pound, static-load, self-closing steel drawer slides are epoxy-coated and bottom-mounted for added durability.
  6. Anti-tip shelf supports: Adjustable anti-tilt twin pin polypropylene shelf clips are seismic-rated and lock in place to provide a dispersed shelf load. No tipping!
  7. Best-in-class construction: Our 32mm construction method assures consistent quality and conformity while reducing manufacturing costs. It also allows for better interchangeability and easier hardware placement.
  8. Edges that stay in place: Our 3mm PVC edges offer superior impact resistance. Hot-melt adhesive chemically bonds the edges to the engineered board, improving bonding strength.
  9. Easy to clean interiors: Thermally fused melamine, not low-pressure or top-coated – for an abrasion resistant, clean and easily maintained interior look.
Case Systems cabinet construction
10. Separate recessed bases: On the base and tall cabinets, improving cabinet support and stopping capillary action from wet floors. Separate toe bases also make for an easier installation.
11. The AWI premium-grade joinery: Passes California seismic load testing. Components are machined to aerospace tolerances. Fully concealed interlocking mechanical fasteners allow cabinets to be disassembled in the field for changes or repair without damage.
Our cabinets are assembled using unique Mod-Eez mechanical fasteners. They provide proven joinery strength, yet allow any part of the cabinet to be easily removed and repaired or replaced if damaged.

Not all casework is created equal. The design process, materials used and manufacturing standards all affect the final product. To get the most value for you want furniture that meets your demand for quality and durability.

While we are known for our excellence in building a wide array of standard architectural casework products – we also create wonderfully personalized custom projects. We love a challenge.